Reply To: Tim & Molly

Alana McGee

Hey Tim.

Great, thanks for letting us know. That all sounds good above (the moving away and then when she is persistent with odor you know you’re in. That’s the important part is being able to read her).

When you are doing the condensed exercise, Yards as the unit. Maybe 2×4 or 2×2…. doing it smaller than that is harder, so in this case start with a bit more space and then shrink it down. I’ll be honest: when you get to commercial production levels, you’ll have (hopefully!) multiples within a few feet. It wouldn’t be uncommon to have them inches away from one another. So eventually, get to a cluster of 6 – 8 inches apart.

“Are we likely to find several truffles in one area so i would find one then get Molly to check in vicinity for more??” Yes you are- and if you are in wild woodlands in England, same thing. Don’t dwell on her “having” to find everything in that small space right away, but try it and see what happens. She can leave off and come back to it too- but see how she reacts.