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Thanks Alana – I’m wondering after all the practicing we did with “heeling” and having the leash on is keeping her closer to me… who knows… :0

First of all, sorry for the late post.. I spent quite a bit of time with Salu yesterday and Lola took a few days of break…
This is not an area I posted pictures of initially so I’m posting a couple now along with some pictures of the marked hides (to give you an idea of how I’m marking them). This is a small area next to an elementary school a couple of streets over. I decided to keep this practice in a smaller and secluded area as there were people walking dogs in the open area. Lola knows this area as “her” playground (slides etc.) are around the corner and we come here to practice walking on cement car stops etc.
There are 5 scents buried around 1″ deep, the ground is damp (not from rain but morning dew as it’s around 8am and coolish). They are all summer truffles as I decided to keep it simple for now.
In this video she finds 3 and after the recording she found the other two (after several laps 🙂 ). Prior to this she had been running around just checking everything out for about 3-4 minutes. She still acts a bit different with a leash but she’s better here. Next I’ll try Lola at the other park and she how she does.
The red on the marker is red duct tape on a piece of mulch. The other is a nut from the park.

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