Reply To: Tim & Molly


Thanks for the feedback here, Sorry was a bit late getting started with this got my dates confused!!!

I have varied the size of the area I’m working. depends were I am. I have been spreading the targets out. This is mainly so Molly can run off a bit of excitement and start to ‘look’ properly!

I have used the harness as a trigger to let her know what we are about to do. It only goes on just before we start training.

When I ask the question ‘have you got something’ I try to move away from the target initially. If she is hitting on a scent that isn’t truffle she will move away with me. If she stays in the area I know we’re in ,then I move in and continue to encourage her. so we go escalate the situation from a question ‘what have you got’ to go find it good dog when she stays in the area.

Not buried very deep 1-2 inches under the soil

Clustering targets
what kind of area should I be working within couple of square feet, yards? Are we likely to find several truffles in one area so i would find one then get Molly to check in vicinity for more??