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In terms of facilities we hire local halls either let by the local council (we have 2 – one is medium size and 1 is very large) or sublet by other community Groups. They are pretty reasonably priced and have good facilities (I will post photso from one of them tomorrow when back in class) and their contract terms are pretty good too.

We alo have access to some local farmland and a country park for which we give a small gratuity rahter any rental fee,

Scentwork UK
UK Tracking Dog Asscoiation
Training Days All Things Canine
Lothian Dog Lovers
Dog Training Days/Seminars in Scotland
Dog Seminars and Events UK

I also have two websites and FB pages of my own where I already run scentwork events
Tynewater Dog Training
Tynewater K9 (this is new venture)

I am looking for a venue that I can make my own though so hopefully that will happen sooner rather than later.

I have found word of mouth is the best advert but initally we advertised on Facebook, website, local flyers and local vets and pet shops. We have been fortunate since to only have to use the websites, our mailing list and Facebook to keep our classes and events full so I would hope that would continue for Truffle Hunting. Tynewater Dog Training is a not for profit club and we have maintained numbers through providing fun, friendly classes and interesting events at a reasonable price. I am fortunate that I am involved in a number of areas in the dog world so I can carry all of this over to my new venture which will be a private business.