Reply To: Curt & Mo


OK, here’s my week 3 homework video–blind hides on a misty, foggy day. I did not know where the targets were, but as Mo got “shroomy” on the first and third trials, I did see the partially-obscured teals just before he alerted.

After the first find, there’s a break in the video. On the second trial my videographer, who’d hidden the teaballs, told me Mo was on one when his behavior resembled an alert. I clicked and treated, but Mo didn’t stay at the site, making me wonder further about this alert. Then it turned out there was no teaball, and my helper apologized. I explained that I didn’t want to be told where they were, and then I went to reset Mo for the next trial. At this point, as I’m taking Mo back to the downwind side of the search area, I pick up the video again.

As I’m preparing to begin again and am trying to untangle myself from the lead, Mo alerted on a target. I didn’t see him do so, as I was still untangling myself, and I was about to unknowingly pull him off the target. My helper smartly let me know that he had alerted to avoid that mistake. Thus, the second trial is a bit discombobulated but we avoided a potential screwup.

Upon starting the third trial Mo is clearly distracted by the quail in their pen, and later by scents outside the perimeter of our search area, but I was able to reset him and he alerted correctly on the target.

Thanks in advance for your critique!