Reply To: Chat Thread

Alana McGee

Holy Cow Curt! Those are some AWESOME shrooms!!! HOW fun.

You pointed out something very important which is when Mo realized how excited YOU & your buddy were about it so was he. Being genuinely excited by finding quarry can do wonders for confidence and learning. That is so wonderful!

Looking at those pictures makes my mouth water. Black trumpets are some of my favorites!

Also- good training move and well done on your part to improvise and drop the teaball right in the mushrooms. Power of association!

The eating is likely from him being excited by his environment. But something good to know, as you want to make sure he doesn’t get sick because they are uncooked. I’m not sure honestly cooking protocols for Black trumpets.
That sounds like a fabulous fun day. I can’t wait to go mushroom hunting!

Thanks for sharing the photos, they look yummy.