Reply To: Mary & Lola


Lesson 3, video – fyi this is very edited for various reasons…

My first attempt to video I let Lola outside and she was all over the yard (as this is how she’s used to searching) and I realized she needed a leash. This video is our second attempt… Lola’s not used to working in a small area or on a leash so it look her about 5 minutes to adjust but after realizing this “game” was different she did pretty well. This first 5 minutes while she is adjusting is edited. She also went on to find another which is edited as well for time’s sake.

Going from the perimeter of the yard which is basically dirt and foliage to grass is a challenge for Lola – which isn’t bad. It’s just something we need to practice.

There are 7 scents placed (all summer truffle) and one “manufactured” (you can see in the video). These are under the thatch and buried shallow in the soil which is pretty damp – none are visable. The scents have been “cooking” for about 30 minutes.

I’m hoping to get another video posted over the weekend from the park but the weather forecast is looking iffy…