Reply To: Mary & Salu


Lesson 3, video 1:
I apologize for the background noise – all I can think of is the camera was set on “discreet” for some reason – there actually was no noise…Also, Salu went bolting out the door before me and found the first scent before I had a chance to start the video. All of these scents are summer truffles and there were seven spread around covered with either thatch or dirt (shallow). We’ve had some rain today and the ground is pretty damp and these have been cooking for around 20 minutes. I used a pretty small area with many scent balls to increase his success rate. He did go on after this find to find another (the video is edited for times sake)

We’ve been practicing with the truffles inside doing nose targets on large 2″chunks (I’m brave) and he’s definitely decided that roast beef, peanut butter cookies and ham are better so he’s leaving the truffles at just nose touches.

I think we might have turned a corner regarding Salu being more engaged…. He’s really having fun with this. I’ve been trying to make an effort to lengthen the parties with more deli meats (per the feedback from last video) and it’s really helping.

The next video will likely be in at the park – new territory.