Reply To: Mary & Salu


Thank you Alana – great info.

Salu has not consumed a ground cache (yet) but he’s put them in his mouth and he doesn’t always use good judgement regarding the “objects” going down his gullet. So far he hasn’t tried tea balls or discs – only the ground cache.

A few days ago I didn’t notice that a tea ball had fallen out of my pocket as I was walking inside. I called Salu and he wouldn’t come in (which is not like him as he has a good recall) – he just laid in yard… then I noticed the tea ball next to him… too funny – he wouldn’t leave it. I went back out and we had a party… Silly boy… Being able to look back at times like this really makes the training sessions fun. 🙂

We’ll work on nose touches with the ground caches and I’ll be more generous with the treats and longer rewards.