Reply To: Karen & Haggis


OK. So I put two fresh truffles out to cook for a short time and got waylaid so they were out for over an hour…approximately. They were both in different types of tea balls, and although in the same area, it was larger for him and near trees. I missed an opportunity on the first truffle as he noses it and then walks over it, need to do some more work on his indicator. He does indicate with an active indication of scraping his paw, and finds the second sample. I am feeding him to try and get him to stay in place, but he is very fast and is actively trying to help me find it. I can also see that he was scenting the truffle in my pocket as I was up wind, but he was good at locating the second one. He hasn’t had much harness training at present, and is wild until we start searching and then he appears to forget about it. Looking forward to your feedback.