Reply To: Assignment 1


I’m not feeling very confident with my submission for this assignment, but here goes:

Fairgrounds: Benton, Lane and Lincoln Counties
Humane Societies: SafeHaven (Albany), Greenhill (Eugene), Lincoln County? (Newport)
Possibly Rec centers, YMCAs
Community Colleges?
Other training facilities, I’m sure, but I don’t know of any that would allow outside instructors. I’m sure there are some, though!

Groups, clubs, etc.:
NW Dog Activities Yahoo group
K9NoseworkPNW Yahoo group
There are several Facebook pages for truffle dog companies… not sure if posting training services would be welcome… Would have to make contact, introduce self, and find out. (NW Truffle Dogs, Pacific Truffle Dogs, Truffle Dog Kitchen)
North American Truffling Society (
Cascade Mycological Society (
Oregon Mycological Society (
Fungi for the People (

Also maybe promoting through events like the Mt. Pisgah Mushroom Festival, the PNW Mushroom Festival, Yachats Village Mushroom Fest (and their Facebook Pages)

Wild Mushroom (Can’t find website)
Oregon Mushrooms LLC (
MycoLogical Natural Products (
Cascade Mushroom (
There are a LOT of mushroom companies! Packers, buyers, cultivators, etc. I will need quite a bit of time creating an exhaustive list of the ones in the PNW.

I will be adding to these lists as I think of ideas, find other resources, ask around, etc. Hopefully this is a good start!