Reply To: Chat Thread


Alana, Mary–thanks for the feedback on the harnesses! Didn’t mean to seem to ignore your responses, it’s just that we’ve been canoe camping in the Boundary Waters again. Mo and I are back and ready to catch up on our coursework again.

Mary, I’m using iMovie to upload videos from my phone and create movies on my Mac. Never used it on my phone or an iPad, so I can’t speak to that user experience; on the desktop with a pretty big screen and a mouse, it’s been fine for me. I know I could directly upload things from my phone without even using iMovie but this has allowed me to add some titles and subtitles when I’ve thought they’ve been helpful. I’m sure I haven’t even imagined the potential functions of the app, and I probably never will. And I haven’t compared it to anything else I might use. Apple is famously proprietary with their apps, and I just started using this because it was already on the desktop. Wish I could be more helpful!