Reply To: Mary & Salu


Lesson 2, video 2:

Wow, what a great week – so much learned since the last video and feedback. We made several adjustments. Upped the treat value, cooling off with water spray all over (back, chest, groin). The big lessons were giving Salu space while he works and taking short breaks – water, playing ball – anything to help clear his head after working so hard. Even just throwing the ball a couple times makes a huge difference. Salu also requires space – last night we were practicing and I could “feel” him shutting down and remembered what Kristin said and I backed up about 5 feet. Salu’s whole demeanor immediately changed and he went on to happily find the scent.

So, I started wondering about Lola and her requiring occasional mental breaks and then it dawned on me that Lola creates her own breaks. Every so often she takes a lap around the yard and rolls around doing what I call “just being Lola” and now I know that’s how she resets as she always go right back and starts working again. So much learned this week….

This video is in my son’s yard – this is very new to Salu as he’s only been here twice. Earlier today to check out the space and a few hours later. The tea ball with the red tape has PNW scent the others are fresh summer truffle. This are blind hides that my DIL put out about an hour earlier. I stopped the video for times sake but Salu did go on to find the final scent. There are two videos combined and he worked for around 8-9 minutes total didn’t show signs of stress although we did take a water break. I think Salu is enjoying working a new space. New smells and scenery.

Salu is starting to acquire a taste for fresh truffles – a couple oftimes they feel out of the ground cache so he ate them(the truffle not the cache) and now the vessels are fair game. Suggestions??