Reply To: Mary & Lola


Lesson 2, video 2:
We’re back in our yard and the scents a buried – different depths – from just under to soil to about 2″. This is been a good challenge for Lola as I’ve disturbed a lot of areas of soil and walked the whole yard even though the scents are only in a small area. This definitely threw her and made her work a lot harder – but not too hard – she was definitely drawn to the disturbed areas of soil
I’m trying to work on her alerts (nose) and I think she’s doing a bit better. We’ve been working inside with the tea balls and out in the grass.
The soil is VERY hard and dry – would it help to moisten it in the areas we are working?

We are working again with both scents – red markers are the PNW Truffle scent and blue are Summer Truffle. There are 5 scents buried but Lola finds 3 here. Salu came out and played around with the other 2 later on (I made them easier for him)

By now there’s not much of my back yard that doesn’t have some lingering truffle odor… it’s fun to watch the dogs when they are outside alone with their noses to the ground searching. I can tell it’s what they are doing by the areas they are drawn to.

(the deli meats are a HUGE hit 🙂 )