Reply To: Mary & Salu


Thank you Kristin – in retrospect I should have given you and Alana a brief personality profile of Salu in beginning as you would have not way of knowing any of this from 6+- minutes of video per week. I’m still learning and I’ve been with him everyday for 16 months! In a nutshell: Salu is VERY laid back, has a very strong personality yet is very biddable unless he feels pressured, loves to be told how good he is, very food motivated and loves his ball – even if to just carry around – BUT not just any ball (NO tennis balls) a very specific type and size. I say this because sometimes details that I take for granted and as being not important, to you and Alana might explain a lot from what you see. He’s also a BIG mamma’s boy….:)

Funny about throwing the ground caches as that’s what Lola does and I was going to ask about that on her thread.

Lots of good info and suggestions – thank you!!! Have not tried deli meats but I suspect they will be VERY well received. 🙂