Reply To: Mary & Salu

Alana McGee

Hi Mary!

Right off the bat, Excellent job following him around! Did you feel the difference in the energy of the search? Lovely!

You picked up the truffle and made the reward sequence a wonderful high energy game that included nose targets. PERFECT! Impressive work while holding a camera too! Gosh, this alert is perfect!!!

He seems to need a reset button. What do you do before the initial search to get that enthusiasm. Let’s add that for consecutive finds. He did a fantastic job locating the truffle, but the enthusiasm is less.

For the 3rd hide…again, he needs some sort of transition that tells him you are searching again. He starts to get a little stressed by the pressure. You might even want to walk out of the area and “send” him back in like you do for the initial search. He did great and gave you a wonderful alert. Let’s work on making them all as enthusiastic as the first! bring the movement from the first search into each consecutive search. Eventually he will likely become “self propelled”, but until he has the confidence to do so, give him a little help in resetting himself to go search again by bringing more movement to the transition.

His alerts are looking fantastic!