Reply To: Mary & Lola


Class 2 video 1:

OK, some background… we went here to practice some blind hides yesterday and while searching Lola got a thorn in her foot. She was screeching, limping etc…. After going to the car and seeing that she was OK and the pain was gone I didn’t want to leave the area with that in her memory so we went back into the yard and had a “treat party”. After a few minutes she was running around happy so we left.
Today – there are 5 scent balls – all blind hides but not totally hidden. 2 left from yesterday and 3 placed today and have been cooking for a little over an hour. These scent balls have been in the fridge overnight with the summer truffle.
The beginning of the video is deleted to shorten it and there wasn’t much to see but Lola running around, rolling in the grass and being Lola.
In this video she found the 3 that were put out today. She’s pretty wound up so the alerts are sketchy at best but she’s doing the best she can. :). We’ll continue to practice the alerts in our yard as well as work on hides in Matt’s yard. As time goes on this will get better.
Well, as I’m getting the gear ready to go to the car I look down and Lola is at my feet with the two remaining tea balls!! I wasn’t paying any attention but she had started searching on her own and brought them to me. She totally caught me off guard and I’ll admit I rewarded her without them in my hand…but, I then I remembered and did it correctly. Never a dull moment…. 🙂