Reply To: Bev & Wolfy


Here is video 2. A little background on this video. This is todays hunt for truffles, we have practiced at least 2 on Friday and Saturday with Wolfy on leash. The average time was 6 minutes for three blind hides. On the last hide, 3rd he is consistently taking more time finding the hide. (My husband, the behind the camera dog trainer/assistant in hiding the finds) 🙂 Yes, I told him I wrote that! 🙂 was helping with hyping him up. I had to say that finding truffles and chasing deer are totally different. My indications that Wolfy is still hunting is the position of the tail, which is more horizontal than his usual tail carriage, this indicates he is working and his overall demeanour. The wind is slightly blowing, and it is incredibly dry with no measurable levels of rain for 4 months, unusual conditions for us. I think the scent must have been eddying off the fence as he never jumps on the fence, and he went along the fence to find the last hide as well. Anyway, interested in your comments. I worked him off leash to have minimal contact with him except for rewards. He is not keen on me touching him with the ball, as it is his ultimate reward, and liver was the second reward.