Reply To: Mary & Salu


Last video this lesson…

Salu is getting a bit more confident working off leash. He does best in the evening when it’s cooler as his coat is VERY heavy -even short and he gets very hot. Any suggestions are welcome. He’s getting more adventuresome in his searches as he discovers “truffles” can be hidden about anywhere. It’s a process and he’s coming along.
We are concentrating on the passive alerts (nose touching and down) and he is doing better as I’m trying to be more consistent.
These tea balls contain the original scent we’ve been using as well as some of the paper towels that the summer truffles are wrapped in (we’ve imprinted on both scents). Also, they’ve been “cooking” for approx. 45 min to an hour.
I deleted a few seconds in the beginning to shorten it a bit….again, he was SO close to getting the last scent.