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Alana McGee

Hi Curt

I’ll weigh in on my personal experience with these harnesses. Mo likely will fit a size 0 for a long time. They are much more adjustable that people think.

For reference, how big weight/ girth, what were his parents, or is typical for GSP? Generally I think around 50- 65 lbs.

While not ideal You can always sell it on eBay if he outgrows it. There is a market for that! I have purchased a few that way for sizing/ fit. You can also look there to buy one for slightly cheaper especially for that reason!

All of our (Kristin’s and mine *thus far) dogs aside from Duff who is a large 90lbs black Lab/golden wear a size 0. That includes Lagotto from 30 lbs to 55lbs, an Australian Shepherd, a Belgian Terv, Border collie, & Sheltie.

All Lagotti we’ve worked with wear size 0 thus far.
I would think that Mo full grown would be around Kristin’s Da Vinci’s Girth, so she may be able to chime in on that, on how far extended the girth strap is.

Lolo is on the edge of the size range (smaller sizes). I am tempted to get a smaller one to try for fit to see, as well as ICD vs the regular power harness, but have yet to do it. She is blocky and small and dense, so I’m trying to judge where it hits for best fit. The nice thing is the adjustable straps (that are velcro) can be cut- which is likely what I will do with Lolo’s size 0 as it is across her chest were she is on the edge. That would solve my problem likely.

The harness run bigger, and fit larger sizes than I think is listed on the website, hence why I want to get Lolo size down.

For a variety of reasons we would suggest keeping a harness (or some kind). While you are working off lead a lot, there will be times you’ll be on lead, and practicing handler skills and we’d like to avoid leashes on collars when possible. When truffle hunting we want dogs to be able to lead and dog’s with strong oppositional reflexes in these scenarios can harm their tracheas on collar. We don’t want that!