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Hello folks,

A couple of quick harness questions for my fellow students, or for our instructors:

I’m working with a youngish puppy (4.5 months old) who is growing fast. After researching different harness options, I think ultimately I’d like to invest one from Julius. However, when I started the intro course Mo was something like nine pounds and I wasn’t about to buy three different Julius harnesses as he grew. I opted for a pretty cheap webbing harness bought at a pet supply box store, and I hoped it would get me through to the point where I could buy a Julius that would fit him as an adult.

Well, Mo has outgrown the cheapo, but I’d prefer to wait longer before buying a Julius. He’s just barely big enough for a size zero Julius, and that size _might_ fit him forever, but I’m guessing that as an adult he will be comfortably in the middle of the suggested girth range for size 1.

Do you think it’s OK to continue for a period without a harness, waiting for further growth before buying a Julius? Or should I be sure he wears one–either another cheapo until he is ready for the big boy harness, or the size zero Julius?

Finally, anyone out there with experience working with a Julius harness can chime in on your sizing experiences relative to the company’s size/weight chart, and/or your opinions on how the harness works when a dog is at the very edge of the suggested size range.