Reply To: Karen & Haggis

Alana McGee

When you can try to cook and age the hides for Haggis. Even if it is you go work for a few minutes (Haggis searches) and then you take a break for 15 minutes doing something else and try again later.

The tails on spaniels! Such a good indicator of confidence in a search for Haggis. You did seem little tense on the line handling. The delay in food reward is not the end of the world. On the first hide at 0:19 you did get the initial reward in there quickly. If you’re doing that again, consider having a treat in your hand ready to go for when he does find something. That way he does’t have to contend with a long (or too long so that creates frustration) delay. Good rewarding at source. He does stay with you, it looks like he keeps redirecting his approach to the odor source to make sure you saw it. Some very nice secondary alerts/ re-alerts at 0:28

The second find at 0:28- We would have drawn the reward sequence out longer. Keep him engaged with you at source. He moves off quickly. Food is your friend here. Do start to label the re-alert and use that cue word consciously. It can provide you with a behavior you can repeatedly reward and will keep him in the same spot.

0:52 is great!

You seem more relaxed with the leash as the video progresses. You’re not pulling him off odor so that’s good!

Great energy at the end.

This looks good. We’d love to see what he looks like working a larger area!