Reply To: Mary & Lola

Alana McGee

Hi Mary!

Lola’s “free spirit” is wonderful! Sh is an active search dog and we LVOE that! I am a BIG fan of this style of searching so you won’t hear any complaints from me. The only time this won’t work is if you plan to work on orchards professionally. In that case you would just train her to work on lead so you can follow the rows 😉

She does a fantastic job her and kudos to you for getting the clicker out to reinforce the precision behavior. Good decision!

0:57 Love the enthusiasm!

1:29 Did you see that? Learn to see that behavior. She caught the truffle scent and moved in with confidence! Brilliant work there. She will likely stop bringing them to you once they go underground (unless you are too slow in getting to her location).

It’s really good that you are asking for the show me and being consistent with her. She WANTS to go on to the next search and we need her to stay with you until the truffle in in your hand. Start picking up the target before you deliver the rewards. Have your party with the target in hand.

2:06 You both handled that beautifully! Your timing to redirect her was perfect and she responded. Well done!

That last find was a favorite! That enthusiasm! She is certain and SO excited about what she just did. Your click was hard to identify. Not sure she actually nose touched the target there 😉
When she searches, go with her so she knows you are following her lead. When she went into the corner, she was out of sight and out there alone. She needs to know you are following her and you need to be able to see her.

Fantastic work! Time to progress 😀