Reply To: Bev & Wolfy

Alana McGee

Welcome back to class Bev and Wolfy!

Great job here! You and he are very well matched in energy here. At first it looks as if you are slow with the treats, but he is happy to patiently wait at source for his reward. He is solid as a rock there.

He does look like he needs some help with the transition between consecutive hides. Trying moving him out of the scenarios slightly and then back in to give him more information with your movement. You may find it beneficial to have a ritual or a word that you use when you will continue searching. This will help Wolfy differentiate between continuing the search game and the end of the hunt. It could be a ritual as part of the reward or even a verbal. Is there something you do or say when you begin a hunt? An example would be “ready”. Observe if there is something you already do initially that can be inserted for consecutive searches. You likely already have a cue he picks up on.

Those are difficult environmental factors to work in and you both did well! He looks happier in the second scenario by the evergreens.

Your pictures look great. Those will be nice training spaces for you to work in. We recommend working in that wood chip areas when there is shade for now.