Reply To: Week 6 Assignment


Annie & Dottie #5679

Hi Annie

I really enjoyed that last video. Dottie is so keen to find the truffle odour and she looks so pleased with herself! She is motivated to keep moving onto the next one and you keep her motivation going with good timing and reward of the toy. At 1,06 – 1.19 she was a little distracted at the first truffle odour site and I think whatever it was you placed on top of the bin was part of that distraction but you did really well in moving her gently on to searching for the next truffle. I think as you practice more her focus on the job will become even stronger espectially if you can practice over the break with some distractions in the search area. It would be useful to introduce an all doen cue too so she knows when the job is completely done so she can switch off and relax.

She has certainly met the criteria of identifying the truffle scent 80% of the time and locating the hidden target on cue. Dottie;’s identifiable alert is coming along great and I think that the next session will really strengthen the alert and meet that 90% target and hone both your skills further.

Great job! Well done.