Reply To: Mary Hammond & Salu


Lesson 6, video 2 – final video…
We’re back upstairs – I’m in the process of shampooing the carpets which worked to my advantage as it gave me hiding places we hadn’t used…
Again, the video ends abruptly to keep it under 3 minutes and it’s a dark day outside so I “enhanced” the light on youtube – hope you can see ok. It’s hard when it’s dark with a dark dog.
There are 3 hot targets and 3 blanks. One blank has nothing, one has dirt and the other has leaves. Salu’s gotten pretty savy with the “fakes” and now just moves past them.
I have found during our sessions that after finding two he slows down and sometimes just sits. You can see this in the video. What I’ve been doing when this happens is “restart” from the beginning and it’s seems to be working. For times sake in the video I encourage him and it worked.
I will say after taking this he was VERY thirsty and needed a rest – he rarely just rests for more than a few minutes but after this he did.
Thanks to both of you for a fantastic class and all your time and patience. Can’t wait to see how we do in the next class outside. This has given me a whole new perspective on how Salu learns and learning to trust his nose.