Reply To: Tim Rinaldi & Molly


Apologies looks like the camera man needs a talking to! Nearly forgot to leave her with the ball!

I think rewarded at the wrong time 0.18 she was looking at me rather than source. She’s definitely working better than when she was doing the fly by’s, could do with slowing down a little, I think this will come when the scents are harder to find. You can see 1.44 she hits it and does a u turn. .55 looks like the scent is travelling along the edge of the long grasses again she hits it from a distance. Has to work a bit harder for the one that’s covered in soil.

I’ve been having a look at the videos on your site and I see a bit of digging going on. I think this would be very easy to achieve with Molly. bury the ball with target i reckon she’d make the association very quickly. At the minute I’m looking for an alert chain that goes ; Hits scent, paws ground eventually nose touches precise location.
Is there any reason not to get her to dig?