Reply To: Week 6 Assignment


Ok, so for the same video for Mary and Salu:
Dear Mary and Salu: #5669
From the videos it looks like Salu identifies the truffles more than 80% of the time he is is hunting. He is doing a really good job with his alerts, nosing, pawing, laying down, and digging them out of small spaces. I like his persistence! I would note the above comment on watching his stress signals they are a good indication he is trying to communicate something to you. He has shown he consistently can identify the truffle scent and indicate to you. I would definitely continue on to the next level of truffle hunting as he seems very keen and you two make a good team! I did not see in the videos any play rewarding. He was rewarded heavily for finding with food, which is fine, (and I love that he loves your praise) but also adding some play and a little break between finds will help him be fresh between finds. I like to let my dog finish with a toy, or a finished cue, which is I sometimes don’t use as the ball is a release cue for him. (if this works for you) Look forward to seeing your progress in the next level! Well done Salu and Mary!