Reply To: Mary Hammond & Salu

Alana McGee

I just love the enthusiasm in your voice when you send him to hunt!

Poor little dude! That was so hard for him! It was also VERY good for him! It challenged him to be persistent AND HE WAS!

Good for you for staying calm and turning the search into a good learning opportunity with massive reward!

I just LOVE how he demands that you check under that chair!!! Good boy, Salu. Good for you for entertaining his alert and being open to the idea that your dog just might know more than you do 😉 This is exactly what will happen in the field when you can’t find the truffle in a hole. He will have to demand that you keep looking and he will show you precisely where it is!


Now, make sure your next session with him is an easy one and make sure you know exactly where the truffles are. This worked out wonderfully for you and Salu so lets give him an easy and simple search next 🙂