Reply To: Mary Hammond & Salu


I don’t know if the name of this video is “Trust your Dog” or “Mary needs a vacation” or something else. :)… In any event this was not the video I originally intended to submit.
Salu and I had just done the original video and I was taking another for me to review. I had placed some “hot” target in the back of the room to video – totally forgot there was one on the table – I honestly thought it was a blank. AND the one under the chair must have been left from our practice yesterday.
Both times poor Salu alerted and I discouraged him thinking he was falsely alerting. Turns out both times he was spot on and insisted on me checking in spite of my discouraging him.
The video stops abruptly as it was over 3 minutes and I had to edit it. But, we did end with Salu getting a nice jackpot and a bone when we got upstairs.
The target he checked and walked on was dirt – I checked just to make sure. 🙂
Just love this boy!!!

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