Reply To: Bev Maahs & Wolfy

Alana McGee

I saw the smoke. Those fires were really close to you. Where I am currently (and especially a day or so ago) the sky was yellow. Events like that WILL change the dogs behavior. I know ours were a little off by it.

In Regards to the Blind hide: Don’t you love those moments when your dog surprises you! Aknowledging the truffle in your pocket is ok- because yes, there is a truffle in your pocket. Over time he will likely stop being as pushy at “pocket” truffles because they do not receive the same kind of reward therefore their value drops. It is not that the behavior becomes extinct necessarily, but will happen with less frequency.

Thank you for telling us the total time of the search (including rooms/ play etc). Valuable information.

0:21- We LOVE his persistence here! He stays at source until you arrive and also is intent as you begin to investigate. Fabulous. This will translate well. Look at his gaze at 0:23. Nice!

1:05 also very nice. He’s a big lad and that hide was difficult to access. We love the choices he makes (like in the last video going overtop of the ottoman). The pick up of the truffle is just fine here too. He’s making it more accessible for both you. That’s great.

1:23- notice on the “find me another one” is already much quicker in the transition to re-entering the game form the previous hide.

Overall this was really excellent Bev. Not much to say in terms of additional comments.

Do continue to reward at source when possible. Wolfy knows that hand to your pocket means food so he gets very focused on it as soon as your hand goes there, so keep building that value at source, but it looks great.