Reply To: Tim Rinaldi & Molly


Hi Kristin,

Always willing to experiment! will leave her with the ball in next vid. I’ve had a complete reversal of thought with the guarding/ possessive nature of Molly. I have been actively encouraging it, its what drives her to keep hunting , its what sends her straight back to the target re alerting without any que from me when I take the ball from her. I suppose I got hung up on guarding and possessiveness usually being seen as undesirable traits. All I’m concerned about is her getting her nose down and going for it to locate the target then staying at source until we’re done. if that means she turns her head and wriggles a bit when I come to take the ball I can live with that!

We are getting there but still plenty to do.

Just a thought…………. Re leaving ball with molly , where is the motivation for molly to hunt going to be if she already has the ball? she values possession, but she has the ball.? I’ve no doubt that she will still hunt as I’m pretty sure the finds that behaviour gratifying in its self. But I think she will have more drive and go if she thinks she’s looking for it. Only one way to see!