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Lesson 6!
Hi: This was a blind search, Wolfy and I were outside on the deck with my other dog while my husband hid the tins for us. Another thing to mention, is there is a lot of smoke from fires in BC here so it is quite smoky. My husband, the guy following me around with the camera had just finished baking banana bread so all I could smell was the baking, hence the not the banana bread comment! Wolfy knew exactly where the truffle smell was coming from, I could not even see it at first. I was totally surprised. I put the first truffle hide in the pocket in my shorts, and Wolfy did indicate that one, I acknowledged it, and then sent him off to find another one. Not sure if that was ok, but I wanted him to go and look for more. The total time, which I severely edited was 5:55 this included us coming in going to the rooms, and Wolfy after each successful find wanting his ball, so he would go and look at the ball, and I told him to go find a truffle for me first. By the last hide, he went back to counter where the ball was and he was rewarded with it. Don’t know if carrying the ball on my person would stop that behaviour or not. Last year I was using the ball for eye contact and heeling a lot, so we will have to see when we get there.
Here is the video.

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