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Lesson 3/4
A few learning points for me this time. I attempted to do the videoing – that won’t happen again! Millie has been doing quite well but she went a bit over threshold here and was a bit unstructured.

I introduced a couple of buckets this time but once she realised that one of them was the source she focused on the buckets (I had blind scent tins in the other two as I didn’t want her to focus on the only one with a scent tin). Her alert is pawing as she has been offering it more frequently. I need to work on slowing her down a little so she takes more time to check out the area so she doesn’t miss anything and I think I will make sure if I use the buckets next time they are not the source.

I really need to widen the search area too.

Not our best work, however she is very keen and loves doing it! Will do a bit more work over the next couple of days before posting week 5 video.

I’ve posted all 3 video attempts as I think it does show the various points above.

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