Reply To: Gwen Matear & Millie


Apologies for the delay but my holiday didn’t give me the opportunities to catch up that I though it would! Then I managed to get a tick bite and have a reaction to it! Anyway back on track and videos will follow shortly.

Lesson 4 Scene 1
The difficulties I would foresee is the light wind might trap the odour in the trough and it may be that the source is higher up.

As it is damp I would expect the odour to be close to source in most places but do wonder about the impact of the thickness of floor cover? Would think though that generally good environment for success.

I would work into the wind with Mille and would be especially careful to watch for her alert as I think at this stage if the source was under considerable cover her alert is not strong enough at this atage so I would need to be alert to her movements and signs.

Scene 2
A lot of obstacles and high wind would create pockets of odour which may not be at source. With the heat and the wind the scent would likely be above Millie’s head which would make it more difficult. If I was to attempt it I would likely work perpendicular to the wind and slighlty higher up the hill and would have a scent tin just in case nothing found so we finish on success. I would likely be temptedto return in the morning. The considerations are Millie having to contend with the difficult terrain in intense heat and I would be concerned about overheating and fatigue.

Other considerations for when we did the session would be tick prevention (which she has in her food every day anway) and my safety for obstacles underfoot.