Reply To: Week 5 Assignment


Hi Tim:

Keep in mind there are many different ways to teach letting go of the ball, including tricks. All of them are good. I do use a trade with my dog, which is quick, easy, and does not require a lot of training. I chose not to do an out cue, as I wanted to keep this in the context of fun and game with my dog. He loves to retrieve the ball, and will put the ball in my lap, if he wants to start a game.
This can be done anywhere, usually my dog initiates as a game, while I am on the computer.
Sometimes right on the keyboard!
If I am training, or not, I will use trade. This works well for me, and you can use treats that your dog likes.
1) When your dog has the ball, throw some high value food or treats on the floor, and say “trade”, the dog will likely drop the ball, and you can retrieve it from your dog.
This can be practiced anywhere, and if your dog is really keen on might offer you the ball before you cue. The word itself, is not important, it can be anything, some people like “out”.
2) The point of the game is the trade part, I have used this with other dogs, to eliminate resource guarding in dogs, and young pups. If you trade one thing for another you won’t cause resource guarding. Taking away something, and not giving back can cause a problem, for anyone.
Also, do not chase your dog when she has the ball, I have not seen this but it becomes a game of chase, wait for the dog to be standing and then walk up, or wait for a return, throw or put the food on the floor and then wait for the release, if the dog is very quick and eats the food and then stands over the ball, and then picks it up, throw the food farther from the dogs, and wait until they move towards the food.