Reply To: Curt Leitz & Mo

Alana McGee

First off we’d like to commend you on your very thoughtful self analysis. Your description of your week’s progress is very well stated, and gives us a very clear picture of what is going on.

There can be many reasons, you are correct for walking around/ past a box even after having smelled it. Sometimes dogs will “map” an environment to see what in the environment most closely matches required criteria. This first one though was pretty darn perfect. Everything from your handler skills, approach, energy, excitement and reward to Mo being thoughtful and precise and response to your energy and marking skills. Really nice.

Nice timing on clicks.

There is one brief moment at 0:36 were Mo pulls back from the pets.
Mo is fine with touching, and responds positively to it, that was just a little too assertive/ quick a movement over the top of the head perhaps. Puppies don’t necessarily have the life experience to understand their head carriage in relation to other things/ objects. Very minor- but interesting to note the body language for you.

EXCELLENT job building that chain. From the paw to the nose touch upon re-alert. It is looking really nice Curt. This looks great. good job team!

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