Reply To: Week 5 Assignment


Ok, I’ll bite 🙂

Here is a demo of how I teach the “drop into a container” trick. I taught this to my 16 year old border collie many years ago, and I started with a container that had a large opening to make it easier for both of us. Once he knew the trick, then it didn’t matter what type of container, bag, box, etc. we used for a receptacle.

I am doing this demo with my other dog, Tuesday, since she makes a better demo dog for this kind of thing.

This was taught in 2 sessions. Each session was about 5 minutes long. After the first session, we played for a few minutes, then took a 30-minute break from training before starting the second session. So total training time was about 10 minutes.

I couldn’t really show the whole process in just 3 minutes–especially if I wanted to include comments on how it unfolds, so I posted slightly condensed versions of both sessions. I think it’s good to see the progression, and how the progression naturally includes some periods of experimentation and confusion. To begin, I started by asking Tuesday to “take-it” then “drop” over the opening of the basket. After that, it’s all shaping with the clicker.

Sorry the first video is kind of dark…..evening was setting in…

Here is the first session:

Then 30 minutes later: