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Lesson 5: Wolfy’s indication is usually a nose touch, paw touch and or picking up the item. (The latter is probably just with the tins, I hope) I was actually very pleased with Wolfy’s hunt today, I tried different places to hide the scent tin, and so excited I can actually see when he has the scent. In the first search I have him search in the bathroom under the mat, you can see him actually catch the scent and indicate. The second one was in the usual place I was training, but elevated. I can see he has the edge of the scent cone when he sniffs the table. The window is open, but the fan is off. We are in an extremely hot heat wave at the moment so he was panting, but this did not deter him. When he goes closer to the ottoman, he goes around and by the chair starts to snap back and forth, catching the scent, probably the scent was drifting to the chair. He finds it and indicates with his nose he also chewed a bit then nosed it. So excited by this one. The last one where you see the corner of the bed with the bedskirt was very dark video so I lightened it a bit, the colour is off, but at least you can see now. There he indicates with this nose, and then pulls it out and picks up the tin. I was not using a clicker, just yes.(as my marker) Also after I rewarded him with food, he ran to the place where I kept the ball for this to get the ultimate reward.(the ball) Which was always in another room, as carrying the ball with me is just too distracting.

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