Reply To: Mary Hammond & Salu


This video is taken in the basement – pretty unfamiliar territory for Salu as he’s only down here for baths and that’s the other side of the basement.

Since the last video we did practice in the dining room and added some different scents. separate containers with dirt, pond rocks, grass, an oatmeal container (that had the scent) and a container with a piece of liner from a dog food bag. The first time he did paw at the dog food bag but I ignored it and he’s never done it since.

In this video there are containers with dirt, grass, pond rocks, dog food bag and, in an effort to bring the “outdoors in”, one with dog poo (clearly marked with blue tape). One “truffle” is in a container with dirt, rocks and grass and “cooked” for about 10 minutes. The other cooked the same but is plain. He did paw on the “poo container” which I ignored.

This is the second time he’s worked in this area – lots of distractions and he does get distracted at one point (around the corner from this area is another room. Also, after I picked up the scent mixed with the dirt etc. I noticed I had not punched holes in the container.

I’m seeing his “chain of alerts” – I think – and I’ve not been very clear as to which I really want, pawing or nosing. I think I was afraid if I didn’t reward both he would become discouraged but I think that’s unfounded so I’m (trying) to go with nosing.

After this video ended he actually put his ball down and went over to the scent I hadn’t picked up and started alerting again (we had an off camera party). He NEVER puts his ball down for anything – which tells me he’s really loving this game!! Also, I think he’s looking much more independent.