Reply To: Welcome Hybrid Instructors!


Hi Bev. River and I have more field experience than training experience. Having River, more or less, regress has proven very difficult. One of the issues is her enthusiasm. Its amazing. It leaves a lot to be desired in terms of fine tuning. River and I are connected, as most of us are, in a special way. Translating her behavior from what I read into our lessons harder than I thought. Following a lesson plan has never been our thing. We are determined to use Kristen’s suggestion in post //
I will have time in the coming week after some guests clear out to try this out and get some progression on camera.
River does paw hard, especially black truffles, always the black truffles. I keep her nails well down during the season and keep right on her. She is very easy to read to me, so I’m usually right on it. Whites she does have a tendency to kick behind her if they are small. She has been great about stopping on large whites, that is because she does not seem to like to mouth them as she does the blacks. I hope to show some control of her heavy paw in our exercises later this week. Thanks for your comments.