Reply To: Week 4 Bonus Assignment


This is something he could definitely do. It depends on how sensitive Zucca is. For instance the more excited the dog is and what reward has been built up. My dog does tolerate touch, with praise, but if I have the ball as a reward, you might as well forget it, and he loves the ball. I have not observed Zucca enough to tell what way to say for sure. This is where Anthony is going to have to know what she likes. However he does not seem to realize she does not want to be touched, from what I saw in the video and thread.
I have built up the ball as the ultimate reward, which was not hard for him, he loves to retrieve that ball, and used it in heeling, nothing, for him is more rewarding. Touching him when that reward is on offer is not what he wants. So, even though I have used the ball as a reward in scent work, I was not using it before, because he would only want that ball.