Reply To: Mary Hammond & Salu

Alana McGee

Hi Mary!

The cake mix box was a good idea. Another idea is to take some dirt from outside and put it in one of the tuperware boxes. You are now adding other novel odors to the environment. We don’t suspect it will distract Salu really at all, but it does up the complexity level while still keeping the game the same. It provides more interesting surroundings for distraction. Try that next too.

REALLY nice on staying down and with him here. We love his alerts. Just look at that tail 🙂 While not a mile a minute (which he may not do too often because he’s just so chill!) it is a good indication of his arousal level and I think we can safely say, his enjoyment in the game.

Don’t know if you realize as well, but you have a really nice delay from click to treat. And Salu is accepting of this. That will work very much to your benefit later. (around 0:52)

Again, very nice re-cue at 1:10.

What we really like Mary is he is very thoughtful about his searching. He takes his time to investigate. It is a style, and he manifests it very nicely. 1:32 good on the re-alert in your hand. Nice nose touches and nice energy on your part. Are you clicking nose-touches here? Just be conscious at this stage ‘what’ you are clicking for, and be consistent.

Very nice ending Mary. As for ending in the field- when we get to outside, we’ll have you show us that too. We’ll see how he responds. This is just fine and it’s a nice way to bring the energy level down.