Reply To: Week 4 Bonus Assignment



I would like to help out with the bonus option @ Anthony and Zucca video #5482

I would suggest starting with a definite start to searches. put Zucca in a confined area, or leash and have her wait until the hide is done. Then start with a release either from the crate, xpen or leash, with one cue, whatever your cue is. Then make sure you follow,without being to close, ready to click once and then reward at source, when she indicates to you she found it. Then reward her with food or toy, whatever works. She responds to verbal praise well, but does not like to be petted when she is working. I have a dog the same way, he does not like to be touched when he is working. So, I give verbal reward, food or toy. I try not to touch him as he will move away, avoiding touch. I find this in dogs that want to work, and are eager to please, but do not want to be affectionate during work times. When my dog is not working he is very affectionate and enjoys petting. This is not unusual for serious working dogs, when I say serious, I mean they are busy working, not a time for affection in their minds. After rewarding her at source, give her a free cue, or that she is done, pick up your source, and return to the crate, xpen or leash her and go and set up your next find. This gives her time to relax, and then you can give a definite cue once and watch as she does her search. I hope this helps, and if you want you can watch Wolfy work, I try not to touch him as he is rewarded.