Reply To: Week 4 Instructor’s Assignment


Commenting on post #5514, Mary and Salu.
Mary, this is a great video and shows wonderful progression.
You have a clear beginning command.
It’s my feeling that at this point you could lose the clicker and just go with voice commands, Salu definitely understands the game and the desired alert.
It’s so nice that he sits after his active alert.
You may want to avoid letting him alert after you are on the ground, unless it’s in your hand. Reason being, in the field, once you have found your truffle, there will be no more alerts, at least not on the ground. Rewarding while it’s in your hand for a passive alert is still fine, but when River has been rewarded, I move straight to “find another”, which you do beautifully after you collect the target.
One of the objects of this lesson was to experiment with cooking your targets. If you did, great, let me know for how long. This will afford you with how Salu approaches targets based on cook time. Try them at 5, 10 and 15 minute cooks to start.
Wonderfully done with the difficulty of the box hides. Keep changing it up as much as possible.
Overall this was a great video and really shows not only Salu’s improvements, but yours as well. Great way to end the game. That is a useful trick, not only when you end the day, but also in between truffle patches. I allow River to carry the ball between patches, let’s her know it’s ok not to work.
Great job, work on cooking the targets and I look forward to seeing Salu in action in a new environment.