Reply To: Annie Ingersoll & Dottie


Thank you Kristin for the great analysis and feedback! I always learn a lot from you and Alana. 🙂

Since you recommend foregoing the visual IDs for now when indoors, can you suggest a modification to the week 4 assignment for us? One thought I had was to use more baskets or buckets so she can’t reach the target, but this would not be working with visual IDs that she’s familiar with. Another thought is to take the visual IDs she recognizes (tupperware containers and firewood) outside and try the exercise there. But I know you want us to stay indoors.

We will definitely work more on shaping the alert (separate from alert/hide exercises), and I am glad to know that it was OK that I chose to overlook the picking up/chewing of the target in the last video in favor of the search behavior.

Thank you !