Reply To: Bev Maahs & Wolfy

Alana McGee

Hi Bev

On your first video:
We know you may be frustrated with his “tin” behavior, but as we’ve said about boxes, also is true with tins… Truffles don’t grow in Tins. He looks like he’s trying to offer a whole bunch of behaviors to see what will get reward- and you are correct not “scenting” in the way you are thinking, which is a good self- analysis. Based on your cue for the re-alert however he clearly understands ‘that’ part of the game. We are curious to see if this behavior extinguishes when visual cues are no longer available (and we think it likely will).

0:16- Really nice use of the ball toss/drop near source here. well done.

1:14 that as an excellent choice to lure him out of the scenario to reset. You could see both of you needed that.

1:47 GOOD on the now touch inside the box. After a few trials of success he seems more confident in the exact behaviors you are looking for in regards to the boxes and how to intact with him. Just something to note.

2:45 GREAT on the re-alert. That part of the sequence he seems more confident displaying than the initial.