Reply To: Week 4 Instructor’s Assignment


Bev, thanks for the feedback–I know this was an assignment but I felt your feedback merited a quick response! In all the videos I post of Mo, you’re seeing every trial in a particular training session, presented in order. My sessions are probably up to about 4-5 minutes total time, but that includes some “down time” for Mo as I reset the boxes in the next room. Thus, the seven clips you see are all seven trials in that session–and the total video length of about 2.5 minutes is the total amount of time he’s actually working.

I’ve generally tried in my obedience and my scent work sessions to both start and end with an easy trial, a slam dunk, but in this most recent video I saw Mo working so hard to find the last target that I ended it right there, thinking (perhaps erroneously) that he was tired enough. Hopefully the reward was sufficient for him to feel like we ended on a good note!