Reply To: Gwen Matear & Millie

Alana McGee

That Hill looks great Gwen! It also looks very very good to practice here as it nice and big and open and very much mimics (minus the trees) the kind of large areas you’d be searching on Orchards in Scotland/ North England.

Spot on on your analysis and approach to the scenario. Also well done on your analyzation of the foot traffic in the second photo- that will impact how Millie works, but you will know best how she reacts to contamination in areas, but it is something to keep in consideration as there likely will be other canine odor as well. In tight trees- and this is more common in the new world pine/ evergreen forests and among younger stands of hardwoods, watch your eyes. As in look out for branches in the eye. A hazard of searching in these places.

You are also correct, and something for others to note too, that under the canopy of the forest it is often a few degrees cooler. Again, affecting how scent moves. This will not be the case on plantations or orchards until the Hazels/oaks reach a hight of about 20 ft, and then it lis still not quite the same effect because elf the spacing a distribution of the trees. So just keep that in mind. Orchards are usually breezier places.

Final picture:
Yes, the morning! Good call, as the air is usually more still, but not always.- the other thing is to always remember to have that extra target on you in these scenarios to manufacture success so you can exit more easily with a positive frame of mind for you both!