Reply To: Week 4 Instructor’s Assignment


Hi Curt:
Video 5511
Mo is an awesome little pup! He did extremely well. I did not see he was less enthusiastic in his searching, he is very methodical in his searches and indicates nicely. Well Done both of you!
In this video I saw 7 very nice indications, I do not know how many times you taped, or how long the sessions were, I would pay attention on how long you have him search for, and give him long breaks between. (I would do only 2 mins training per search, as he is a very young boy) Always end on a successful note like you did. If the more complex search was your last search he did amazingly well. As for enthusiasm wait until he hits his teenager years, approx 6 months….you have a nice head start on keeping him busy early! Great searches! Mo is an awesome little searcher!

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